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Site Update #3 Category: Announcements / Posted: Apr 08, 2015

Third Rollout of Updates! It has been a while since I rolled out some updates. The sad part is most of these updates are not on the front-end. They are find in between systems that are in development.

But all is not without lose! I have given a name to the management system, Ce...

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Windows Basics Pt.2 Category: Tutorial / Posted: Apr 08, 2015

Learn to customize your Windows. In this tutorial you will learn to theme you’re desktop. Stepping through sounds, wallpapers, slideshows, screen saver.

In this Tutorial and Guide you can tieback some settings to Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 10. You will find some things nam...

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Windows Basics Pt.1 Category: Tutorial / Posted: Apr 08, 2015

Learn to how to navigate through some of the administration/management controls. You will learn to customize Taskbar/Explorer and system management.

To Access the Quick Shortcut Shown in the Video click Start(Windows Key)+X.

Windows Customization can be found in Part 2.

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Hyper-V Tutorial for Windows Category: Tutorial / Posted: Feb 27, 2015

In this video you will learn how to install Hyper-V onto a Windows 8/8.1 computer, and learn about the features provided by Hyper-V. Below is also the details of installing Hyper-V onto a Windows Server. The Hyper-V Manager is almost identical between Windows 8/8.1 and Server 2012/R2. Some ...

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Site Update #2 Category: Announcements / Posted: Feb 27, 2015

Second rollout of updates are now live. This includes bug fixes, system addition, and social networking additions. Updates are listed below:

  • System:Social Share Buttons located in footer.
  • News System:Correct Tag Endings for Short Sum...

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Site Update #1 Category: Announcements / Posted: Feb 13, 2015

First rollout of updates are now live. This includes system fixes, system additions, and the marking of first tutorial article released. Some minor updates are listed below:

  • System:Some minor changes on the backend for better SEO.
  • News:

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Server Tutorials! Category: Tutorial / Posted: Feb 13, 2015

I am posting these videos to the site to help those in need on some basic windows server guides. These videos have been out for a while. The videos include DNS, IIS, GoDaddy, and Portable Server for development.

Tutorial - DNS and IIS with GoDaddy

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Lock and Load! Category: Announcements / Posted: Feb 01, 2015

GMScripts is back and ready for more! My thanks goes to everyone that has helped me make it too this point. We have not just released a new system this system should be simple to navigate with easy URL’s. I will be expanding the site more throughout the year, so please stay tuned. Curren...

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