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October Major Update! Category: Announcements / Posted: Oct 19, 2017

I am proud to announce a new upgrade, system, design and more! We have fully revamped our design with a clean, unique and moderatly functional flow. Maybe! While also bringing new things to our back-end. More Details to follow...

New Design

We are aiming to bring out a new loo...

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uMad Live! Category: Announcements / Posted: Aug 23, 2015

So what is uMad? It is everything a fun, sporadic, narcissistic person would love and more. Find animated, inspirational, and more images to use and share with the world!

How it Works

To start of you can find your type of image from the main page or categories lis...

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Site Update #4 Category: Announcements / Posted: Jul 18, 2015

Another major site update has happened! In this update we are fixing some reference and formatting issues in the site along with a better back-end! This update fixed a major core issue the system has been having since the start of the site.

The Issue

This sys...

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Site Charity Update Category: Announcements / Posted: Apr 26, 2015

This charity update includes a dedicated page to help donate money to Extra-Life. Now I am not saying you have to donate, but I am saying if you would like to help out a children’s hospital then please do.

The reason for this addition is because I like to stream while I play my...

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Site Update #3 Category: Announcements / Posted: Apr 08, 2015

Third Rollout of Updates! It has been a while since I rolled out some updates. The sad part is most of these updates are not on the front-end. They are find in between systems that are in development.

But all is not without lose! I have given a name to the management system, Ce...

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Site Update #2 Category: Announcements / Posted: Feb 27, 2015

Second rollout of updates are now live. This includes bug fixes, system addition, and social networking additions. Updates are listed below:

  • System: Social Share Buttons located in footer.
  • News System: Correct Tag Endings for Short Sum...

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Site Update #1 Category: Announcements / Posted: Feb 13, 2015

First rollout of updates are now live. This includes system fixes, system additions, and the marking of first tutorial article released. Some minor updates are listed below:

  • System: Some minor changes on the backend for better SEO.
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Lock and Load! Category: Announcements / Posted: Feb 01, 2015

GMScripts is back and ready for more! My thanks goes to everyone that has helped me make it too this point. We have not just released a new system this system should be simple to navigate with easy URL’s. I will be expanding the site more throughout the year, so please stay tuned. Curren...

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