Site Update #4 Category: Announcements / Posted: Jul 18, 2015

Another major site update has happened! In this update we are fixing some reference and formatting issues in the site along with a better back-end! This update fixed a major core issue the system has been having since the start of the site.

The Issue

This system is built on top of a system that was built about 8-9 years ago, from this day. Which meant it has been layered and layered with small patches and updates but the main core has never been corrected. That core being the database connection, call, and disconnect. Yeah, Awesome Stuff!

The Fix

Now this has been fixed I have updated to have a custom class with low resource usage for accessing and updating the database. Along with that it has had a spell fix from its old “mysql_connect” days to PDO and extra “SQL Injection” protection.

Extra Changes

Now onto the main changes to site. I have updated to have a logo created for the site along with setup the favicon. While fixing the reference link from Facebook to have an image of the logo instead of the awesome Google Plus icon that kept showing up. Other updates listed below.

  • URL Changes: Recently fixed a plague on the URL to articles from its hyphen to a dash instead. Old URLs will still work but the new URLs is the recommend address.
  • Projects: Now breaks down projects to show details of creation and sold dates, along with designer and coder. More Coming Soon for Categories.
  • About: This has been moved to a whole separate page with updated content and look.
  • Home: Now displays the latest article on it. More Changes May Appear.
  • Contact: Has been simplified with less content. Too Much in one Area.
  • Back-End CSS: Fixed some mobile issues that use to occur.

In the Works

  • Search: Looking into building a special search for articles. This will be after there is a couple more articles in the system.

Well, hope everyone likes the new updates to the site and find the site still easy to explore/navigate.

Garrett Bailey

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