PC Breakdown Guide/Build Category: Tutorial / Posted: Jul 21, 2015

Ever wanted to build your own computer? Do you want to know what goes into your desktop computer? This broken into four parts, Overview, Motherboard, Building the PC (Part 1 / 2.)


In this video I will be showing you a couple things that can be found in your desktop computer that help make your computer to what it does!


After the previous video of giving you a breakdown of your desktop computer, I would like to example exactly how the motherboard is built. This is because the motherboard acts like your spine, everything connects back to it to be able to access the brain (CPU) or different parts (TV TUNER, Graphics, HDD, Disk Drive, etc)

Building the PC (Part 1 and 2)

I will be showing you how everything connects together in this two part guide. We will be putting together the power supply, motherboard, ram, hard drive, etc into the case shown previously.

Garrett Bailey

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